New Dental Technology

At RD Dental, we have invested in technology that makes your dental visit with us easier, more thorough, and more accurate than ever!

The Wand, a computer-controlled anesthesia-delivery device, administers anesthesia comfortably. No more traditional needles!

Air abrasion units provide drill-less, pain-free dentistry.

Quiet electric hand pieces offer exceptional precision.

The Spectroshade digitally determines an exact match in tooth color for all your cosmetic needs!

The FDA-approved Diagnodent, a small, pen-like laser cavity finder, glides over tooth surfaces and indicates hidden decay in the earliest possible stages. Studies show that practitioners who do not use the Diagnodent miss upward of 76% of THE most common cavities!

The Cavijet uses air and water pressure to polish teeth and remove stains and plaque non-abrasively. Enjoy the most thorough, gentle professional cleaning available!

The Cavitron removes calculus and irrigates below the gumline ultrasonically for gentle, highly effective non-surgical periodontal care.

Low exposure digital radiography equips every operatory. Digital radiography decreases your radiation exposure by up to 90% over traditional radiographic systems.

Zoom Teeth Whitening – It’s safe, effective, and fast. In just over an hour, your teeth will be dramatically whiter.

Technology and Lighting Center personal overhead screens allow you to listen to music, watch TV, or view a movie, a concert, or a comedy act in the dental operatories! Or bring your own music or favorite movie to enjoy!

Intra-oral cameras and digital photography create a virtual tour of your mouth on your personal overhead screen.

We also have Invisalign.

We have Invisalight which is a new light technology to detect cancer.

We also, when appropriate, place veneers with no drilling.

In addition, our patients can enjoy the the following features during their visit with us:

Listen to an apple Ipod with special noise eliminating earphones.

Watch TV and/or any videotape.

Watch Casey on TV for education.

Use I-glasses that show video in 3D with personalized CD’s or with TV.